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We want to give homes, commercial spaces, and industrial environments, the only type of flooring solution they will ever need. We do this by using the latest technology and tools to transform ordinary concrete floors into customized floors that are affordable, durable, easy to maintain, safe, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Not sure of what you need? No problem.

We have garnered a lot of experience over the years, to help you with just the perfect concrete flooring solution you need.

How it all began

Growing up, our floors were not really what a teenage kid would be proud of. My dad was always calling in for repairs, and they never seemed to get the job done. As a teenager, I knew we needed better floors, but I had no idea how. Some years down the line, I came across some contractors working on the garage of a big commercial building. I was fascinated when they explained the polished concrete process to me. I came back the next to see the end result, and I was blown away.

Luckily for me, I had collected contact details of the head foreman, later found it he was the owner of the company, spent few years working under him, and left to start Houston Concrete Polishing Company.

The rest is history. But, one thing keeps me committed to serving our clients - my childhood floors, and the thought that everyone deserves a beautiful floor that can last for years to come.

In Houston Polishing Concrete Company, every home and business gets the best and highest quality of polished concrete floors.

Polish your concrete floors in 3 easy steps

Transforming your ordinary concrete floors has never been easier.

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You heard right - relax! We deliver your floor - just the way you want it, in no time. Never have to worry about your concrete floor again.

Why Chose Houston Concrete Polishing

The truth is - there are lots of concrete polishing companies out there.

But, here’s why we are different.

Over the last decade, we have kept our commitment to these values.

We have served homes, worship centers, and clients in different industries. From living rooms to churches, office buildings, medical facilities, and warehouses - we only provide high-quality concrete services that we are proud of, and our clients are happy about.

Meet the Team Making it Work

William Ward


That little story you read above was my story. Almost 2 decades down the line, I’m still here doing what I know best - giving clients the floors of their dreams.

Harold Smith

Lead Polished concrete flooring specialist

Harold Smith has been with us since the inception of the company. He is one of the driving forces working behind the scenes.

Billy Lance

Epoxy flooring Specialist

BILLY LANCE breaths and talks epoxy. Don’t let him get you on in his jokes. You might crack a rib.

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